Life Fitness Center

We're more than just a gym!

The city of Bettendorf purchased our building in the 80's and since then, Life Fitness Center has grown to be more than just a gym and recreational facility - it's become a place where Bettendorf locals can enjoy one another's company. In addition to offering fitness classes, an indoor track, three tennis courts and many other amenities, Life Fitness Center goes above and beyond to make all of our members feel like more than members. We want you to feel like family!

Time to get movin'!

Feel Great. Get Strong. Live Long

No matter what your age, you've most likely heard many times that exercise is "good for you." It's the truth! Being fit enhances your physical appearance - and more importantly, it makes you feel great! Getting the right amount of exercise increases energy levels and can even help improve your mood.

Life Fitness Center strives to make your workout routine fun, social and effective. We offer a variety of exercise classes such as pilates, zumba, strength and balance courses and others.

Fitness classes are not for everyone. Some people prefer to work out by enjoying activities like tennis, running up and down the basketball court, doing sprints on the track. No matter what your workout routine involves, we have a gym complete with everything you'll need to feel great, get strong, and live long!

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